SQ-90AM wire saw machine

SQ-90AM wire saw machine is especially designed for cutting extremely thick and heavily reinforced concrete or irregular and complex concrete such as bridge's cap beam, box beam, support beam.


SQ-90AM wire saw system, in combination with the hydraulic power unit OK-700TM, it is designed to cut and remove super thick and heavy reinforced concrete and irregular concrete such as bridge cap beam,box beam and support beam,pier,foundation,underwater concrete,etc.

Product/User Benefits:

  • Faster, safer and simpler wire saws.
  • Extremely large wire storage and long travel to give the greatest possible application and use.
  • Dual drive motor,automatic tension rope.
  • Maximum size of unit up to 12 m.
  • Fine feed for application control using innovative damping system.
  • Wire saw for direct assembly.
  • Patented drive roll system.

Technical details

SQ-90AM wire saw system
max. wire storage m 12
total travel mm 1500
width (variabel) mm 1050
depth mm 700
height mm 2100
length of protective cover mm 1650
drive wheel mm 280
storage wheel mm 200
Total weight kg 110


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