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Hydraulic Core Drilling


Hydraulic core driiling system is ideal for large holes up to 1000mm,
HD-500 hydraulic core machine has a two-speed gear enable user friendly work.


Core drilling machine

Hydraulic concrete core drill–HD-500AM

1.Two speeds at the drilling gear and OK- hydraulic power packs offer three speeds. output six speeds

(2×3) , It can produce a wide variety of sized cores.—Standard 550mm Core Bit Diameter Capacity –     Can be up to 1200 mm big holes can be drilled easily and efficiently.

2.Standard 1500mm Carriage Travel – Can increase to 2000mm

3.Quick disconnect couplings reduce the set up time. Small and big drill bits can be drilled in a shorter time than anyone thought

Technical details–HD500AM hydraulic core drilling system

Drill diameter range 40~800mm
Max. drill bit length 1600mm

Max. drill diameter with 500mm

Distance plate 40mm

Max. drill diameter with 800mm

Distance plate 340mm

Weight 70kg


Aluminum base

Two speed feed gearbox

Feed using hydraulic drive

Adjustable feet

Modul Drill quick change clamping system


Core Drilling Machine HD-1000

HD-1000 has a maximum core diameter range(600-1500mm) and weight 80kg. It is 1600mm high and the usable core bit is 1200 mm long.

Power Pack

Without, OK-600TM, OK-700TM, OK-800TM

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