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Diamond Core Bits


Diamond Core Drills & Bits For Cutting: Concrete, asphalt, brick and concrete blocks.great cutting values and tool life on reinforced concrete, even with abrasive aggregates.

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Diamond core bits ideal for drilling concrete, and reinforced concrete

Diamond segment

  • Segment suitable for brazing.
  • Convincing with high cutting valuse.
  • Powerful especially on strongly reinforced concrete and  strongly reinforced concrete with hard aggregates.

Core drill bits,brazed,with 11/4” UNC connection

For wet and dry drilling in reinforced concrete with normal and hard aggregates.

  • Segment for fast speed work and long tool life.
  • Standard working length 450mm/370mm

Cobalt Aero Diamond Segment

Product Name Diamond core bit segments (it is made 100% cobalt)
Size Specialized in making any sizes of diamond segment, we can make many different kinds of quality and sizes to meet your requirement. )
Diameter 25-1000mm diamond core drill bit segment can be made
Application Diamond core drill bit segment used for stone and construction use, drilling reinforced concrete, granite etc.
Feature 1. Fast cutting/drilling & long life & Stable performance, High grade of diamonds

2. Different bonds are for different applications & precise segment size

3. Working safe, quiet, and precise, reducing cutting & working time

4. Great adaptability & No chipping

重量 N/A

370mm, 450mm


φ32, φ36, φ40, φ51, φ76, φ83, φ89, φ96, φ102, φ108, φ120, φ127, φ132, φ152, φ162, φ168, φ180, φ200, φ220, φ254

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