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Wire-saw For Concrete


The main cutting materials are concrete, reinforced concrete, steels, widely be used for cutting building, bridge, big post, cement pipe, sunken ship, steel pipe, steel cable, etc..

Premium Diamond Wire Saw for concrete sawing and concrete cutting Reinforced Concrete Sawing Diamond Wire Saw 100 Feet /Roll (30.5m). Diamond Wire for Concrete Diamond Wire Sawing Machine (Thick), 10.8mm x 40 beads / meter,or 11.5mm x 40 beads / mete  Rubber Injection, Premium Quality.

OUKAI Diamond Wire designed for delivering the highest concrete cutting and sawing performance at the lowest cost.

Product Name: Diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting ,contain lots of steel bar
Diameter(mm): 10.5/11.0/11.5mm
Beads/meter: 40pcs/meter or 44 pcs /meter
Coating: Rubber + spring
Application: Rubber diamond wire is widely used in constructions,bridges,concrete tubes and under-water constructions cutting.


1. Huge and irregular constructions cutting
2. Any directions and parts cutting
3. High performance,safe and no environment pollution
4. For away control operation



Sintered, Brazed


Standard, Sharp, Special



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