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Hydralulic Concrete Splitter


Hydraulic Rock splitter & Concrete Splitter, quiet and efficient method of controlled demolition especially in confined space areas. We can remove large concrete structures.


Concrete splitter

hydraulic concrete splitter

The hydraulic rock & concrete splitter are inserted into the holes and then expanded creating a force of hundreds of tonnes per burster head cracking away the concrete ready for removal. This technique also produces very little noise, vibration or dust.



Splitting force: 400tons
Required dill hole diameter 38mm
Minimal drill hole depth ≥500mm
Max.pressure 63Mpa
Oil working temp 5-50 degree
Tank volume 40L
Weight of single splitter 32kg
Weight of Electric power unit 75kg
motor power 3Kw


Splitting force: 500tons
Required dill hole diameter 42mm
Minimal drill hole depth ≥600mm
Max oil pressure 63Mpa
Oil working temp 5-50 degree
Tank volume 70L
Weight of single splitter 40kg
Weight of Diesle power unit 150kg
Diesel motor power 6HP

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