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Concrete Crusher


OUKAI are experts at using hydraulic crushers to demolish floors, walls, and staircases up to 420mm thick – quickly, silently, and with very little dust or vibration.


Hand concrete crusher

hand held concrete crusher-Hydraulic concrete crusher

Do you need to break through a wall? Perhaps you need to remove a concrete floor, but the space is too small for certain equipment? If so,hydraulic crusher can provide you with the most effective solution.


Hydraulic Crunching Specification

HD170 HD250 HD320 HD420 HD560
Max. Crushing thickness(mm) 170 250 320 420 560
Head Weigh(kg) 75 75 85 100 160
Power Pack Voltage(V) 380 or 220 380 or 220 380 or 220 380 380
Power Pack Max.Pressure(Mpa) 63 63 63 63 80
Power Pack  Power(kw) 2.2/3.0 2.2/3.0 3.0 3.0/4.0 4.0
Max Fuel Tank Volume(L) 30 30 35 40 40
Power Pack Weight 75/70 75/70 75 75/83 83

• The HD-420 crusher allows the demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete up to 40 cm thickness with strength and precision;
• Easy handling and operation without water.
• Without noise, vibrations and/or percussions;
• Very useful to crush remains of walls cutted with disc cropper and/or chain;
• Operated with a two person team of trained and experienced operatives.
• Can be operated by a 630 bar hydraulic pack


HD-250, HD-320, HD-420

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