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High Frequency Wire Saw


HF-103DM diamond Wire Saw ,high performance, with reliability for easy handling. This low weight wire saw is suited to small or big jobs
HF-103DM wire sawis the highest cost-effective wire saw on the market.


Diamond wire saw,Electric wire saw

HF-103DM  High Frequency Wire Saw

Wireless Remote Control

high frequency power and user-friendly


Wire storage           11m

Wire Φ, sintered      11.5mm

Wire Φ, brazed       10mm


Drive wheel : Φ350mm

Guide pulleys: Φ168mm

Feed wire storage: electric

Electric motor

Water-cooled high-frequency motor

Output  32A  17kw  19kg

Output  16A  9kw   15kg


Voltage       380~460V

Frequency     50Hz/60Hz

Weight         18kg

Wireless control  1.8kg

Dimensions & weight

Height               1100 /1600mm

Width                     900mm

Depth                     550mm

Weight                    85kg

Weight without main motor   60kg

(Main motor can be disassembled and mounted quickly and easily)



17kw, 9kw

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