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High Frequency Wall Saw


Using the electric wall saw is the most efficient and economic method of achieving your aims. HF-105DM high frequency wall saw is powerful and economic.

HF-105DM Contents


Electric concrete wall saw

HF-103DM Electric wall saw for tough cutting jobs with wireless control

Saw Blade

  1. Max.cutting depth : 510mm
  2. Max.saw blade : φ1200mm
  3. Saw blade fixing(flush cuts) : 6 countersunk head screws,110mm graduated circle.

Electric motor

  1. Water-cooled
  2. High-frequency motor
  3. Output : 16kW

Control unit

  1. Voltage : three-phase/380V~480V (singe-phase/220V~240V can be customized)
  2. Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
  3. Weight : 19kg
  4. Wireless control : 2kg


  1. Wall saw 105DM incl.feed electric motors : 27kg
  2. Eletric main motor(16KW) : 18kg


There are mainly two ways for choice

  1. Automatic cutting without manual intervention
  2. Manual cutting



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